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王士旻 (Shih-Min Wang)



職  稱:助理教授




一、 工作經歷

  1. 明志科技大學環境與安全衛生工程系助理教授 (2014.02~now)
  2. 成功大學環境醫學研究所博士後研究 (2013.08~2014.01)
  3. 中國醫藥大學職業安全與衛生學系博士後研究 (2011.08~2013.07)
  4. 成功大學環境醫學研究所博士後研究 (2009.09~2011.07)
  5. 中華醫事科技大學職業安全與衛生學系兼任教師 (2010.02~2011.07)
  6. 教育部安全衛生通識課程種子教師 (2005~2008)

二、 榮譽及服務

  1. Outstanding Paper Award in Industrial Safety and Health Management Technique Category (Second prize) in 2011 Industrial Safety and Health Technology Best Paper Competition, “Implementing a National Occupational Health Control Strategy by Combining a Semi-quantitative Risk Assessment Model and Bayesian Decision Analysis Technique”, Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan, July 5, 2011.

三、 研究成果

(一) 期刊論文

  1. Wang, S.-M., Wu, T.-N., Juang, Y.-J., Dai, Y.-T., Tsai, P.-J.*, Chen, C.-Y**. Developing a semi-quantitative occupational risk predicting model for chemical exposures and its application to a national chemical exposure databank. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 2013, under review. (SCI; Impact factor= 1.998; Rank= 90/209 =43.1% in Environ. Sci. in JCR 2012).
  2. Chen, J.-L., Yang, W.-D., Tsai, P.-J.*, Wang, S.-M., Wang, Y.-F., Chen, M.-R**. Can biological monitoring be used for assessing multiple organic solvent exposures?An investigation on plastic material printing industries. Environment International, 2013, under review. (SCI; Impact factor= 6.248; Rank= 6/209 =2.9% in Environ. Sci. in JCR 2012).
  3. Chen, J.-L., Yang, W.-D., Tsai, P.-J.*, Wang, S.-M., Chen, C.-H., A sampling and analytical method for simultaneously assessing multiple organic solvent exposures to plastic material printing industry workers. Aerosol and Air Quality Research, 2013, In press. (SCI; Impact factor= 2.827; Rank= 43/205 =21.0% in Environ. Sci. in JCR 2011).
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四、 研討會論文

  1. Wang, S.-M., Tsai, P.-J. Developing a semi-quantitative occupational chemical exposure risk predicting model and its implication on a national chemical exposure databank. 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Occupational Health & Safety. Beijing, China, May. 21-22, 2013.
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五、 專書

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