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Hsi-Jien Chen


Department of Safety, Health and Environmental Engineering, Ming Chi University of Technology.

Phone:+886229089899 ext. 6203




Areas of specialization and interests

A. Biological energy development

  1. Cellulose Biotransformation genomics and enzyme analysis
  2. Microbial entrapped
  3. Optimization of Bio-alcohol production from fermentation process by using C3, C5 and C6 carbon source

B. Stress biology, specific proteomics analysis

  1. Environmental hormones extraction and detection to soil and water
  2. Isolation and identification of environmental microorganism for biodegrading of environmental hormones
  3. Gene cloning and proteomics analysis for stress environment

C. Soil Contaminants Bioremediation

  1. Screening, isolation and identification of soil microorganisms
  2. Bacterial culture enrichment
  3. Bacterial entrapped and capsulization
  4. Environmental microorganisms community gene fingerprint analysis by PCR and cloning to DGGE
  5. Molecular cloning of soil microorganisms
  6. Microbial genomic analysis
  7. Processes assimilation and modeling


  1. Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD), Environmental Engineering in Microbiology and Biodiversity, School of Engineering, BibliographyNational Central University, Chungli, Taiwan
  2. Master of Biosystems Engineering, School of Engineering, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Hawaii, USA
  3. Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Extension, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan


Specific Training

  1. Gene cloning and enzymes purification. National central university, Dept. of Life science, Chungli, Taiwan, 2001
  2. Microbial gene extraction and fingerprint analysis for bio-energy development. National Taiwan University, Dept. of Biomechatronics engineering, Taipei, Taiwan, 2003
  3. The yield and culture technologies for special and novel developed mushrooms. Food industry research and development institute, Hsinzhu, Taiwan, 2006


Working Experience

  1. Associate professor, Meiho Institute of Technology, Dept. of Biological Science and Technology, Part-time in National PingTung University of Technology, Dept. Bio-mechatronic Engineering, 2006-2007
  2. Lecturer, Lan-Yang Institute of Technology, Dept. of Environmental, Safety, and health Engineering, 1996-2006
  3. Teaching assistant, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Dept. of Biosystems Engineering, 1994-1996
  4. Teaching assistant, National I-Lan institute of Technology, 1991-1994
  5. Ecological Narrator, Tai Lu Ge National Park, 1989/7~1989/9; 1990/7~1990/9



A. International journal paper

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B. International conference paper

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